RoboRobo Kit - Robotics & Coding (Add-on #3)

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RoboRobo Kit - Robotics & Coding (Add-on #3) is an extension kit of RoboRobo Kit 1-2.


RoboRobo Kit is designed for children ages 8 and up to learn and develop skills and knowledge in robotics. Each Robotics kit contains CPU, DC Motors, Sensors and many more to have students build their own robots with bolts and nuts.

Programming of the robot is executed with a drag and drop program in GUI environment for easy understanding and enjoyment.

Following the workbook instructions included in the set, each student will build 10~12 robots throughout the semester. A semester here is considered as 12 units of 1.5-hr sessions.  

With many parts to work with, students love to create their own robots. Typically,  after 6 units of building and coding, students begin to design and build their own versions of robots to perform various tasks.  

It is easy and fun, so it enhances self-learning ability

Safety circuit and module focused brain developing contents

Robo Kit Curriculum

Product information

Kit: RoboRobo Kit - Robotics & Coding (Advanced)

 Package Dimensions
12 x 10 x 3.8 inches
 Item Weight 2.9 lbs
 Shipping Weight 2.9 lbs
 Manufacturer RoboRobo
 Manufacturer recommended age 8+
4 AA batteries required(not included).

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